3 Websites That Will Drive More Traffic To Your Internet Business Blog

There are as many ways as there are ideas to get visitors to come to your internet business blog. In this article we’ll focus on social bookmarking and news websites. Let’s look at 3 and see how they work.

By definition OnlyWire is a social bookmarking service that allows you to submit your articles or blog posts to many social bookmarking websites at once. Social bookmarking allows internet users to classify pages they would like to bookmark with tags instead of keeping them in a bookmark folder on their computer. These bookmarks can then be shared by all online users of the social bookmarking website. The theory behind social bookmarking websites is that if you find something interesting or useful on the web then the odds are high that someone else using the bookmarking website will find it interesting as well.

Social bookmarking websites are very popular with the major search engines, so if your blog posts can be found on these social bookmarking sites they will be noticed by the search engines as well. Additionally, as people bookmark resources that they find useful, resources that are of more use are bookmarked by more users. Thus, such a system will “rank” a resource based on its perceived utility. This is arguably a more useful way to get information than other systems which rank resources based on the number of external links pointing to it.

When you create an account with OnlyWire you’ll be initially asked to sign up for all of the bookmarking sites that OnlyWire will submit your blog posts to. This initial effort will allow OnlyWire to bookmark you blogs on 10 or more social bookmarking sites all from a button installed on your browser’s tool bar. Once you set up your account and are ready to submit a post you’ll simply need to enter the title of the post, a short description, the main keywords that describe your post(tags), and the category that it fits. Over time you will find more and more of your posts ranking in the search engines.

StumbleUpon works on the same premise as OnlyWire and is also assigned a button on your browsers tool bar for when you are ready to submit your content. The difference with OnlyWire is that there is also a community component so you can add friends to your account and let them see what you’ve been bookmarking and vice versa. You can form networks of people with similar bookmarking interest, and vote on sites that have been bookmarked.

Submitting your blog posts to Digg.com is a great and fast way for quality traffic. Digg was create for people to share content from anywhere on the web. You can create an account to submit your posts which are then read and rated by it’s users. By submitting informative and helpful items you can create popularity and be promoted to the front page. This can create a stream of traffic that lasts a long time and potentially cause your blog to be seen my millions of users. Another advantage of Digg is that all information is equal when it is submitted and only becomes ranked higher by the people who vote for it. If you have a way of tracking the traffic to your blog you will notice visitors from Digg after every submission from people across the globe.

As you can see, there are many ways to get free traffic to your internet business blog. These methods don’t take much time at all and can have a long lasting effect on your blog traffic. Social bookmarking websites are also significant to the search engines which is where most websites and blog traffic comes from. Becoming consistent at using these sites every time you make a new post is the technique will work to get some good traffic to your internet business blog.

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Business Blogging: Buck The Bad Economy With A Business Blog

While there are many uses for blogging, in most cases, business blogging is about

advertising. A business blog promotes your products or services. The business blog is

gaining popularity because it simultaneously establishes a business’ credibility and

their name recognition.

Everyone’s online today, so you have real competition there. There are a gazillion home

based business and hundreds of thousands of very small businesses with 6 or fewer people

and then everybody else. They are all using the internet today. Some more effectively

than others. At what ever level you compete, you have an affirmative need to stand up

and get noticed. Business Blogging can be your key.

While skill and talent help, you don’t really need to be an expert to be an effective

blogger. You simply need to learn the basics of blogging and you’re on your way to

success. Through blogging, you can create a priceless platform where you can demonstrate

readily your expertise, experience, talents, and your business to the whole world. Now,

you have a more effective way of presenting your business to the world and most

especially, to your customers or clients.

If you’re new to blogging find someone in your industry but outside you immediate market

area. Watch what they do, and contact them. You’ll be surprised to learn that most are

home grown affairs. Ask them for pointers and learn that anyone can do this with some

persistence and a plan.

One goal of your blog is to enhance your web presence. By discussing relevant issues

related to your products and services in your blog, you are providing relevant content

on your web site. This draws Google bots and more importantly eyes to the rest of your

web presence. Both raise your quality ratings and Google ranking.

Rather than spending money for fancy graphics, bells and whistles, make a time

investment in establishing a regular business blog that provides interesting

information, and demonstrates your leadership in the industry. Customers are attracted

to leaders. Let your blog be your flag and fly it proudly.

Many people read blogs these days. The cardinal rule is to blog regularly. Keep your

regular and prospective customers informed. You can create a bit of buzz about upcoming

products, events or promotions. Encourage your readers to pass on links to friends,

colleagues, and family members by including in your blog things you might pass on to


A good blog can help your business rank among the top ranked in search engine results.

Your goal is that top ranking which is the equivalent of $1000 of dollars in PPC

advertizing and well worth obtaining. Set it as a goal. Your blog can be a powerful

tool in gaining that top spot. Sales and profits come easier there.

As you build your blog readership, your website grows with it. Constant growth is the

key and a major way to measure your success. And if you are going to keep on the growth

side of the equation in today’s economy, you have but little choice. You simply must

start blogging if you are not now doing so. Anything else is to invite decline.

Once you have an established blog schedule, make sure you build up a supply of fresh

blog ideas to keep your customers interested. If you do, you will have lots of them.

Increasing Your Productivity On A Home Business Blog

A home business blog can be a very lucrative way to earn a living but it is by no means a free ride to wealth. The blogging business involves so many different responsibilities in order to be successful. Responding to blog comments, researching content, composing blog entries and tweaking your layout are just a handful of tasks a blogger performs. With all the responsibilities to look after it is essential to learn how to boost your work productivity in order to make your efforts worthwhile.

Your ultimate goal if you are blogging to make money is to satisfy the blog reader. It therefore makes sense to focus more on those activities that accomplish this goal.

Let’s take a look at 5 principles you should keep in mind to help increase your work productivity so that it will make your efforts all the more effective.

The 80/20 Rule

We have all heard of the 80/20 rule where we can expect to get 80 percent of our value from 20 percent of our efforts. As time goes on learn to identify what activities you are performing that are getting you the results you are looking for. After a while you will be able to shift your emphasis from the less productive to the more productive activities. The net result will be a more rested and productive you.

Don’t Over Think

Parkinson’s Law states that any task will seem more complex and require more time to complete in accordance to the time you’ve set aside for it. In so many words ‘getting ready to get ready’ will only make an otherwise simple task more difficult to start and therefore longer to finish. Just do it and before you know it you will be finished and moving on to the next task.

Group Your Task

When you have a number of mundane tasks that may be boring or time consuming just group them together and complete them one after another. Using this ‘assembly line’ approach will spare you the ‘start up time’ and will also help you focus better on the individual tasks as you are performing them.

Take Aggressive Action

Don’t wait for situations to occur to react to but rather think ahead and take the necessary actions to move your blogging business forward. By reacting to everything is the equivalent of swimming in quicksand, nothing gets done you are just struggling to maintain the status quo.

Concern yourself more with what else you can do to get more visitors, find better content, or maybe improve your design or layout.

Learn From Setbacks

I have a prediction here and that is that you will make mistakes, gasp! Ok now that we have got that out of the way learn from your mistakes. You make a mistake so what! Learn from these errors and don’t beat yourself up about it or you will miss the lesson you could/should be learning.

These internal whippings serve no purpose and in fact will succeed in demoralizing you resulting in lost productivity. Move on and feel good knowing you won’t make the same mistake again.

A home business blog can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. The experience however can be even more satisfying and productive if you learn to put your time to better use. The blogging business itself entails multiple responsibilities ranging from handling blog comments to composing and editing blog entries. Learning to coordinate these responsibilities in a more streamlined fashion is critical especially if you are blogging to make money. By more closely adhering to the 5 principles that we spoke of above both the blog reader and your own income will most likely benefit.

Why You Need To Employ the service of A Website Manager For WordPress Sites

WordPress is currently the best content management system (known as CMS) whether you know coding or not. WordPress is for everyone, including smaller businesses, personal bloggers, charities, and whatever else you might want an online site for. It’s affordable and incredibly simple to use. For example, if the idea of coding in new features is overpowering to you, forget about it! Many features on the WordPress website are downloaded and turned on plugins simply. It’s basically plug ‘n’ play software, the one catch is that you need to pay attention to how each plugin works together with your website.

But before you add plugins, you need to start out with the theme of your site. This is exactly what makes the website, the plugins, all sit set up and also have a uniformed look to it quite. Some cost money and are usually pretty affordable, but some themes or templates are absolve to use as well completely. Some are single page websites, and some are preset for ecommerce pages. Every theme you look over should give you a synopsis of features, screenshots of how it appears behind the displays, a live demonstration you can test before you select the theme, as well as some more details. Remember, the looks of the demo is very customizable after you choose to use the theme usually. It’s just providing you the choice to feel what your site will operate like and start to see the potential of what you can do with it.

Sound not difficult? So if you can do-it-yourself, why should you hire a web manager or website management team?



If you own a continuing business or charity, for example, you may find you wind up having less and less the perfect time to dedicate to your website. Even personal sites are difficult to maintain with when you’ve got a full time job elsewhere as well as a part time job plus more focus on top of that. Sometimes you feel like you desire a full day off from your ‘day off’!

Having a web supervisor can certainly help. They are able to update and keep maintaining your website as well as write articles for your blogs. It could feel just like it defeats the purpose if it’s a personal blog, and in some full circumstances, I’m willing to agree. Nevertheless, you choose the topic(s) that you want written about and it’ll be done. It’ll also be put up to all of your communal media pages for you. Want to buy to publish at specific times and days and nights of the week? No problem. Meanwhile, most of that’s being prepared and you’re able to keep up with your life.

The difference between you and an online manager? An internet manager’s job is to focus time online while yours likely is not.


Coding And Maintenance

I understand, I said you don’t really need to code earlier. You don’t! But it would help in certain areas. For instance, if you understand css, you could customize your website a bit more than the standard options set up. Furthermore, knowing your coding may help in your website maintenance.

That’s where an internet administrator or website management team come in. Their job is to learn coding. They need to be able to also backtrack plugin installation to be able to troubleshoot any problems caused by conflicting plugins. They’ll set up your website for you, from theme choice to plugins, as well as setting up everything’s position on your webpage. They’ll also have the ability to design your web page for you.



Even the best of us run into issues we can not figure out alone. Being able to connect with your website management team is a great benefit quickly. All it takes is an update of  your WordPress bundle and it might result in a problem. An online manager can restore what to the last supported version. To learn more visit website management Toronto.